• Changed the App Bar color to white so the UI feels lighter, which also helps to surface the primary action.
  • Added an overlay in the initial view to bring focus to the inputs when there are no items added.
  • Moved the Add button to a position that is more reachable with the thumb.
  • Users are now able to select who to split the price together with entering the price of the item.
  • Built a much more detailed prototype using Framer. Check it out here.
Divvy-ing meal bills is much quicker without having to deal with names. Prototype built and recorded with Adobe XD.

Divvy is a quick, no frills way of splitting bills with friends at the table. Just enter the price of each item and decide who to split it with. Instead of typing the name of your friends, assign them each an animal for the duration of the transaction.

It is an idea I an toying with during my free time. It came about when I came across similar situations and thought there should be a quick and straightforward way to handle it.


I currently like that the entire flow is contained within one view, and at this point it seems to be efficient for certain cases. At the moment I like the ideas of using animals to reference people. They can be easily made attractive while being neutral and effective as long as they are visually distinct. It could also potentially be fun, given the context, to address your friends using animals. πŸ”πŸΌπŸ™πŸ³

One issue that should be considered is that currently the flow revolves around itemization, which works well for smaller number of items. For larger bills it would probably be more efficient to start with the total amount and isolate items that are not equally split.

Another point to be looked into is identifying the situations where the host is expected to split the bill equally (or not). In some cases it is obvious, for instance, if a vegetarian participates in a (meat heavy) barbeque, my understanding of social norms tell me that the participants should not expect the vegetarian to pay for the meat. Aside from this, there are many other situations in which it is not as obvious.

This is an ongoing personal project that I am planning to build as I learn Swift. Check back for future iterations!