A messaging flow should be familiar to many people. Here I am exploring to see whether it makes sense to repurpose the flow to reference people instead. Built using Sketch and Framer.

Pensieve is a place where you can write notes and associate them with people. When you take a note, it captures the date and location to help you better recall the ideas that has to do with a context and person.

Video prototypes can only get me so far. This prototype allowed me to test out the interaction on my phone. Built the app logic in Gomix, used Twilio for handling SMSes and Firebase for storage.

With Pensieve, you can record pieces of information about during informal interactions and because your notes live on a timeline, it is easy to look back at the notes and thoughts you recorded relating to a person.

For instance, you may have discussed an idea during coffee break with a colleague. Or if you're working on a project for a client, you can use it to take note of important details, like when you expect a document, without having to create and name a document using apps like Google Docs or Evernote for each entry.